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Jack Frost: I love you by vampgirl24 Jack Frost: I love you :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 1 0 Big hero 6 Tadashi x Niri by vampgirl24 Big hero 6 Tadashi x Niri :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 3 0 Big Hero 6 Niri and Tadashi by vampgirl24 Big Hero 6 Niri and Tadashi :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 2 0 Hiro Hamada(Big hero 6) by vampgirl24 Hiro Hamada(Big hero 6) :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 1 0 happy hetalia day! by vampgirl24 happy hetalia day! :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 0 0 Hetalia cosplay:china by vampgirl24 Hetalia cosplay:china :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 1 0 American hero by vampgirl24 American hero :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 0 0 America cosplay by vampgirl24 America cosplay :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 2 0 America by vampgirl24 America :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 1 2 Hey the hero is here =D by vampgirl24 Hey the hero is here =D :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 0 0 Hetalia:america cosplay(casual) by vampgirl24 Hetalia:america cosplay(casual) :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 1 3 Hetalia:Happy birthday day america!!! by vampgirl24 Hetalia:Happy birthday day america!!! :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 0 0 america 4 by vampgirl24 america 4 :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 0 0 america 3 by vampgirl24 america 3 :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 0 0 America 2 by vampgirl24 America 2 :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 1 0 America by vampgirl24 America :iconvampgirl24:vampgirl24 1 0
look at some of my self u might like it =)


Cyborg 004 X F! Reader: Interrupted
Gentle, nimble fingers curled around the strands of his hair and it made his head spin.
Her lips were so soft against his and her hands were gently rested on his arms and chest.
She held him so close, lips again pressing against his neck and face.
His heart was pounding like crazy, head tilted and eyes heavy.
He hadn't felt this in so long.
His arms curled around her waist, mouth pressing to her's once more.
She gasped softly as he laid her against the couch cushions, tucking his fingertips in the lining of her skirt.
“Al!!” She gasped, nails scraping up the back of his neck.
He shuddered and groaned low against her throat.
Her fingers scrambled back to tangle in his hair and bring him deeper against her lips.
She arched her back as he hiked up her skirt, showing off the skin of his plush thighs.
“(Name)...” He murmured low against her mouth, starting at tug at her shirt.
(Name) let out a high pitched yelp as the door opened, pulling Albert against her.
He let o
:icondarienoppal:DarienOppal 7 2
Mature content
Beg [Yandere!Raiden x Android!Reader] :iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 52 16
Mature content
Because of Love (Yoon Bum x reader) :iconvenulus:Venulus 39 27
Mature content
Can't Resist You~Yoosung~Lemon~ :iconjeelynasaurus:Jeelynasaurus 145 24
Mature content
For the Sake of Art [Yukimura Tooru] :iconselvatic:Selvatic 55 33
Harley Quinn by juhaihai Harley Quinn :iconjuhaihai:juhaihai 1,351 58
Mature content
[DMMd] Virus and Trip x Reader - Super Psycho Love :iconleeisdrachen:LeEisDrachen 234 75
Rivaille x Titan!Reader - Shut up (oneshot)
“YOU COWARDS!” you shouted from the top of your lungs.
And then you felt as his foot kicked your face, making you wide-eyed for some seconds. And then a kick on the stomach, which made you cough some blood out. You glared up on Rivaille, spitting a broken tooth on his feet. The leader of the Special Operation Squad only glared back.
Beside you, Eren almost went crazy out of his mind as he saw you being hurt. “__-!” he started to call after you, but you just made a signal with your head for him to shut up. You didn’t want to see him getting hurt because of you. There was no need for make a friend suffer because of you.
“It’s just my personal opinion, but pain is the best tool for discipline” Levi said, with a monotonous voice.
“Is that so?” you asked with a raised eyebrow and smiled sarcastically at him. Another kick. It hurt, but you lifted your head again. You refused to show weakness. The court of yours and Eren’s inte
:iconfreya-chii:Freya-chii 529 74
Bloody Tulips (Alucard x Reader) Chapter 1
"Okay, so you want me to believe that zombies-"
"Ghouls exist along side these things or...v-vampires?"
"...Haha, yeah right!" Why didn't you listen to your friend. You should have believed her. If you did, you wouldn't be staring Death right in the eye at this very moment.
"Welcome to Hell, my pretty little flower." Oh, welcome to Hell, indeed.
(An hour earlier)
You hummed a gentle and merry tune as you grabbed your belongings near your friends coat rack, a smile forming onto your face as you thought of the warm bath waiting for you at home. A hand gently placed itself onto your shoulder and you jumped in surprise. You turned around and instantly found your best friend Stacie giving you a look; a look that clearly said you were insane.
"You aren't seriously thinking of going out there, are you?" You merely blinked at her question.
"Yeah, I have to go home eventually, Stacie."
"I know, but it's almost midnight! You could get hurt or worse!" You rolled your eyes and rem
:iconsunlessvamp95:SunlessVamp95 727 214
Mature content
Temptress' Game (Male!JessicaRabbitxReader) 2/2 :iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 323 59
Bokuto Koutarou | Giving It to Her
"Give it to me!" You yelled at Bokuto, "I'm so fucking wet, give it to me right now!"
"You can scream all you want but I'm still going to keep it to myself."
"If you don't give it to me right now, I'm going to have to do it myself."
"Let me see you try then!"
Bokuto taunted that was then followed by an unmanly scream, "I can't believe you did that, Y/N!"
"I am already begging for it and you were keeping it to yourself!"
"Well it is mine in the first place but now the pleasure's all yours."
The tension has been built and is now overdue, the Fukurodani Team couldn't take the frustration anymore and decided to open the door to their clubroom where the commotion was happening.
They took a peek at the door and their jaw dropped. It was not what they were expecting at all.
You were on top of Bokuto.
Who was struggling to get up because you kept him down and you were holding a towel, trying to dry your hair.
"W-what happened here?" Someone from the team asked.
"Your shabby
:iconangel2945668:Angel2945668 127 14
What if The Amazing World Of Gumball was an anime by Mikeinel What if The Amazing World Of Gumball was an anime :iconmikeinel:Mikeinel 19,247 1,429
Male! ArielXVillan!ReaderXMale!Ursl- temptation
Male! Ariel X Villain! Reader X Male Ursl Temptation-part 1
*A/N I took mass inspiration from Lefantomedancer for this fanfiction, Check her out she is awesome! Art is from Sakimichan!*
Your intentions in life had always been a bit,...twisted. Even as a young mermaid your evil tendencies caused you to be outcasted. It wasnt your fault that everyone in Atlantica had a closed mind, your eyes were open and open they would remain.
Even when that goodie little too-shoes Prince took interest in you, you refused to conform to the royal families idea of an ideal citizen. Even if the the youngest of the seven Princes tried to make you see the light you would still refuse.
You soon found yourself in a convenient loop, a game of cat and mouse with the Prince. It was so cute, the way the prince would chase after you, questioning you about day.
But who was the cat?..who was the mouse?...
Who even was the prince who found you so breath taking, so beautiful, so darkly intriguing.
Well, he was i
:iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 208 32
Mature content
{LEMON} Kaneki Ken X Reader - To be alive :iconjinxx-is-the-moon:jinxx-is-the-moon 183 30
Male! Megara x Goddess! Reader Prologue
In the land of the gods, Mount Olympus, you are a goddess just like the other gods. Not only you're a goddess, you are the daughter of Athena, Goddess of wisdom and warfare. You received the wisdom from your mother.
You and your mother attended the celebration where Zeus and Hera had a newborn boy named Hercules. Your mother took you to see Hercules. You noticed that Hercules was a cute little boy as you stared at him. Hercules kept his cute eyes on you and wanted you to hold him.
"Aw, he wants you to hold him, (Y/n)." said Hera, realizing her son wanted to be in your arms.
"Are you sure, my Queen?" You asked.
Hera nodded as she gave you Hercules in your arms. You carefully carried the prince of Gods in your arms. Hercules giggled as he placed his tiny hands on your cheeks. You chuckled as you realized that Hercules liked you.
"Well, what do you know? He likes you, (Y/n)," Zeus stated as he watched you with Hercules.
"Really?" You asked as you didn't realize that Hercules already start
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 120 7
Male! Jessica Rabbit x Detective! Reader Ch. 1
In the modern days somewhere in Hollywood, you are a detective and always go on solo. You wore a (f/c) trench jacket and (f/c) pants with (s/c) boots. Your trademark hat was a fedora. Your fedora had a crimson red color with a black sash around. Also, you're not just a detective, you're a Toon detective. Like you rescued Donald Duck's nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie or you cleared Goofy's name from accusations of espionage. Actually, you solved those cases because you always helped your father, who's also a Toon detective. You two were great partners and you were given a monkier, "The Toons Father and Daughter".
However, everything changed when you and your father tried to chase a Toon robber, who tried to rob the First National Bank of Toontown. You and your father were about to catch the culprit, but the thief dropped a grand piano on you two from 15 stories up. You survived from the crash, but not your father. You became shocked as you stared at your partnered father who got killed by
:iconkunoichi101:kunoichi101 228 25




Blue Exorcist OC : Lena Curry
Name: Lena Curry


DOB:April 18


Race:Half wolf demon/half human


Weight:63 kg(138lb)

Blood Type: O

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: Red

Status:Exwires First Year at True Cross Academy

Personality:Sweet, Caring, perverted, Friendly, People- oriented, fun-loving,Warm-hearted,resourceful, action-oriented,trustworthy

friends:Vincent(deceased)rin,Shiro,yuiko,bon(later),Renzo(later),Shura,(later) ect...

Likes:cosplay,fun,flirting,chains,a challenge,girls,guys, listening to music,making friends,dancing,
bondage,video games,manga,talking,walking

Dislikes:drama,mean people,liars,satan,fakes

weapons of choice: Death Destroyer(blessed gun)Ragespike(blessed Katana)

Skills(power) and talent:she's able to see and talk to the dead and animals,heal,speed,high sense of smell and hearing and can transform into a wolf,MMA

Bio:lena comes from a very rich family.her mom and dad are rarely home.her only friend she had was a guy named vincent.they always hung out with each other.vincent knew lena inside out.he knew what lena was and he didn't care. they trusted each other with everything.vincent gave her a sword name ragespike to lena as a gift.then one day vincent got possessed by satan she had the power to help him but it was too late.then she meets rin,yuiko and shiro at the church and they started talking and become friends from there.then she goes to true cross academy to become stronger and get revenge on satan.

Lena curry belongs to me

blue exorcist belongs to Kazue Kato


vampgirl24's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Name:Nikka Chinnery(aka Nikka the vampire )


Relationship Status:Single

Hair:short(likes to wear hair extensions)

fav colors:red|black|green(lime)|silver|blue|some pink|yellow|white|grey

Hair color:black(originally dark brown)

Eye color:dark brown

Blood Type:unknown


Sexual Orientation:Straight

personality:sweet|caring|great listener|shy|sensitive|

Piercings/tattoos:ears and lip/none(might get one later on)

Likes:cosplay|anime|sonic|yaoi|yuri|hetalia|shadow|video games|hentai|devil may cry|dante and etc.....

Dislikes:mean people|fakes|animal abuse|stalkers|racism|Drama|being misunderstood|cheaters|Staring|LIARS...…

Current Residence: Florida :)
deviantWEAR sizing preference: M,L
Favourite genre of music: If it sounds good i like it XD
Favourite style of art: anime|gore|fantasy|horror|comedy|action|bondage
Operating System: windows hp
MP3 player of choice: iphone 6 plus
Wallpaper of choice: Devil may cry dante with no clothes on XD
Skin of choice: mine thank you XD
Favourite cartoon character: too many to write down XD
Personal Quote: and ur point is?


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premium membership =)
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If I was your Vampire by DocWendigo If I was your Vampire :icondocwendigo:DocWendigo 5,651 568 It's raining men by DocWendigo It's raining men :icondocwendigo:DocWendigo 4,411 746 .AngeL X DEviL.Brighten me. by sakimichan .AngeL X DEviL.Brighten me. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 11,384 604 Sleep ,my love.boy love. by sakimichan Sleep ,my love.boy love. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 15,345 820 LS Azryl by Virus-AC LS Azryl :iconvirus-ac:Virus-AC 5,024 217 merman embarment by heise merman embarment :iconheise:heise 5,066 282 a white fox by yangqi a white fox :iconyangqi:yangqi 8,388 640 LS AdiKartika II by Virus-AC LS AdiKartika II :iconvirus-ac:Virus-AC 4,274 290


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